I got out!


My eating has been pretty good since I've been here, blood sugar is dropping, lost 5 lbs, energy levels been better.

Though am noticing sometimes I'm fatigued. And when I am, is the most likely time for me to make poor food choices, and they exacerbate the fatigue a good bit.

Want to start thinking / planning / making things I can have on low energy days which are very easy indeed but still healthy. Like batch cooking n freezing kind of thing.

No time really just now as am going away Monday. But I want to stop this pattern. Been so tired today and pretty grumpy to boot.

At least things are much improved on what they were. :)


Low spoons meals ~
Batch cook curries & stews
Cottage pies, lasagna, Chilli
Aldi slimming frozen meals.
Tinned soups
Vegan meal replacement shakes
Frozen chicken or fish portions
Frozen mixed vegetables
~ plate of stuff from the fridge ~
Cooked meats & fish, houmous, coleslaw, red cabbage salad, salad vegetables, pickles, olives, cheese, boiled eggs,
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Want to offload some frustration I've been feeling today especially.

No doubt I'll sound ungrateful but it will pass soon enough.

Today I have had enough, I'm tired and grouchy and just want my place sorted already. Today I've had enough of juggling tasks, using up all my executive thinking to figure out oh I can't do this yet because I don't have this, or can't find that because it hasn't been unpacked because I don't yet have the furniture to unpack it into even though I've been working every day for 2 and a half weeks there seems to still be so much to do.

I made poor food choices again today.

Feel ungrateful for moaning. They do say it's stressful moving though don't they. It is stressful not being able to find my things.

Getting there though. Tomorrow I will go to the tip to get rid of the mountains of cardboard. Then I will pack to go away and relax a bit.


Been to the tip. It's actually a weight off. The storeroom was chock full of cardboard so there was no room to put the clothes rail up to dry my things so the clothes rail was in the lounge, but the lounge is full of flatpack furniture bring built.

Cardboard gone, clothes rail back in store room. Feels much less chaotic.


Gonna talk about dinnerware lol. I have a thing for it. Some years back, maybe 5, when I decided I would have to leave Mr I started buying a few bits. I had decided I did not want a matching set, instead wanted lots of individual plates cups bowls glasses, settings of cutlery etc. Mostly in blues, but also some yellows, some greys and some black and white stuff. So yeah, I have quite a bit of it. Only got some of it here, the rest is in storage. I will pare down n donate to charity shops about half of it. Don't need it all.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of mindfully arranging my table, making it look pretty n stuff. And I've not been able to do it till now. Not saying I've any skill at it, I just really enjoy it. Envisioned doing this for years!

Making mealtimes a mindful meditation makes me feel so happy.

Today's omelette was pretty good, followed by a kitchen dance to Toots and the Maytals.


I've added kitchen dancing to my "Chair" Things to do on the regular.



Thanks @OliveJewel I love it. So many years I couldn't really have anything nice, and it feels bloody marvelous to do whatever makes me happy 😊

Is the tip the dumpster?
I think they're different. From playing the Sims I think of a dumpster as being a very large black plastic bin on wheels, like commercial sized, but only maybe 6 - 10ft

A tip, is a large site you drive to, you can take stuff for recycling like cardboard, glass, garden waste, old electricals, old furniture, that sort of thing.