I got out!


I'm struggling a bit aswell @Teasel, part of it for me is that I think deep down I actually feel better and happy and content. I've done alot recently and life has really improved but it's been hard work to get to this point.

Maybe it's the same for you?

You've been through alot. Leaving Mr, the refuge, moving into your own place...

I hope that you can rest my friend. Xx


Thank you for taking the time to post @bellbird @ladee @Movingforward10 @Lumos @Survivor3 @StillPen I felt so lost yesterday and your posts mean a lot to me.
@bellbird te usual dropping anchor didn’t touch the sides, couldn’t focus on it. When I feel like that I tend to want to reach out to someone close. I think I’m going to need to get much much better at being that person for myself.
Special hugs @ladee 🫂 I miss you too and think of you every day.
Thank you so much for the validation @Movingforward10 I really needed to talk about that as that sort of thing happens to me over and over again. It breaks my heart. And having it happen in Autistic spaces too has burst another bubble. I am glad I looked after me though 🙂
Thank you @Lumos Hope you are ok too 🌸
I’m really happy to see you are feeling so much better @Survivor3 it’s good isn’t it 😊It’s true things have been pretty full on for me for a while. But it is a common thing for me to plummet too, every time I find myself thinking I’m doing pretty well I go into self destruct. It’s happened for years, is worse than it used to be. I think what’s behind it is a lot of fear. But also having read up on demand avoidance - I relate to that such a lot.
Thank you @StillPen lovely kind offer, the kind of friend I would love to have 💕

It’s taken me hours to write this, am pretty foggy brained.