I got out!


Felt pretty low today. Took myself to bed this afternoon, curled up, watch some YouTube, for a while anyway, nodded off a while.

Got dressed up and took myself to the cinema tonight. Watched Elvis, felt nice to be dressed up and out.

Looking into a camping holiday.

Sleep pattern has slipped, I should be asleep. Will have to right that in the coming days / weeks


The weather forecast is looking worse than it was just a day or two ago. Felt sad about that this morning.

Feeling overwhelmed in the moment. I've noticed lately I feel bad each time I go out to the shops, thunk am pretty overloaded, keep getting vestibular migraines. Could do with resting but gotta pack for holiday. Been out to buy a camping kettle - have bought an Electric Hook Up for the tent, never had that before, will take a small heater, the kettle, and my iPad.

Been busy and my daily self care habits have been half forgotten again shall puck em back up because they help with these very things.


Thanks @StillPen 🙂

Been back to the camping shop as the EHU unit says to test it before use, but you need a mains converter to do that. So I now have a mains converter.

Been busy finding, gathering and packing things to take away. Still so much to do.

Keep getting stressed, then taking a mo to quieten down again.

I should prolly play music, make it more fun less stress. I've already packed my radio, can use TV