I got out!


Felt quite overwhelmed with sadness today. A few things behind it.

The friend I thought I'd made is cooling off. I am sooooo sad about that.
Reading several articles about how impossible it is for people to get private rented accommodation even with a job.
The weather forecast for the place I wanted to go camping is now not just solidly grey and raining but thunderstorms galore too.

Well change of plan, going east instead, weather there is quite a bit better. Still some rain and thunder, but less of it, and some sun too.


Midnight, is raining outside, only lightly, saw all the stars out tonight, first time in a long while for me with living in cities / towns. Can hear an owl or 2 keeps hooing in the distance. Am dry inside my tent. But can't sleep yet.

Been lovely here, very much have to pace myself, get worn out so easily.

Been feeling vulnerable re friend situation.

Raining heavier now :D


Diabetes review happened over the phone today, my blood sugar levels are going down, hba1c is much improved. Proud of self :)

Visited a grand old house today, had lunch in the pub right by it too. Wore a new vivid blue top with green wide leg trousers, both have a lovely drape, nice and airy to wear on a hot day. Put on makeup and jewellery too, felt a bit special. Bought a straw hat with wide brim in the gift shop, and a plant pot with a green pattern on.

Some difficult feelings too. About me being unlikeable, about my difficulties and limitations.

Thought about my flat. I keep wondering if it will be robbed while I'm away. Is this normal? I'm sure I suspect I'll be robbed more than most people do...