I got out!


Thanks both, fingers crossed. I've written an email to the manager explaining myself.

Went out and got 2 ice creams as it's hot. Nearest shop is only a couple minutes walk and was hard work - energy levels are low just now.

I'm enjoying doing the physio tho, especially applying the ice packs, tis very hot here just now.

Being mindful of the urge to stay couped up in my room, also being mindful to not stew in too negative a headspace.

Meditation might be nice. I'll have to make sure to keep up the self care.


Remind yourself T that you have a right to voice your feelings and try to work something out that you do not have to be so stressed all the time. There is a solution. This is self care.

Supporting you. Let us know what happens. Heart hugs


Meeting delayed because someone tested positive for covid. Completely understand that.

Just seen BH be really kind to the young woman who has covid which is lovely to see. All these ups and downs are a lot for me poor nervous system which keeps trying yo establish a new normal. Dunno if I'veexplained that right. Grateful to see the kindness tho 🙂

Got a Mind online support group in a few minutes. See what that's like. Think I'll use the ipad today. They couldnt hear me on my laptop when I had the fan on. And it's boiling today.


She says chance of me getting somewhere self contained is extremely small.

Really low just now.

Had my covid test, I've not got it. Got to isolate for 10 days.
It might be almost as good if they move BH to an available space.

I’m so very sorry things are tough . And isolating will be rough :(. Thank goodness you have your dongle and can watch some tv, read some books etc that way .


I'm sorry T. You shouldn't have to be triggered every day by BH's behavior. Did you speak with management about possibly talking with BH? She should not be allowed to run the place with her problems.

So you saw her able to be nice. That must be nice to see yet confusing. Maybe you are there right now to learn some serious boundary work? Try to look at it as what you can learn and not so much that you are trapped with a female Mr.

Sending support and many hugs. Sorry, the weather is so hot. Are ya'll allowed to go outside?? Just to get some fresh air?