I got out!


Feels like so much drama I don't want to be sucked into.
Shelters on this side of the pond are pretty freaking toxic.

I’ve decided that, overall, that’s not the worst thing in the world… as it’s a breath of fresh air, through a door I want to get the f*ck OUT of.

A refuge? Is just that. Not a holiday, not forever, not mine; just a place to catch my breath & move on from.


Sorry to hear you’re poorly. Ugh! Tummy things seem to be doing the rounds at the moment - lots of ppl getting tummy things with delta variant plus a rise in Norovirus currently (quite strange as it’s usually associated with winter months) Might be worth checking out - but apologies if you know for sure that it’s a thyroid thing.

Hope you’re finding a way to stay cool-ish and that you’re feeling better soon.


Dr thinks is not likely yo be thyroid issue - I'm not convinced. Wanted me to go to covid test centre, but im not well enough. I have a pxr test i can do n post in. Just need to find out where the postbox is. I remember from last time only certain postboxes are any good for covid tests.

Defo feel a little bit less dreadful than I did yesterday. Grateful. Think I had gotten dehydrated.


It doesn't take much to get dehydrated in that intense heat. I just posted to you with the same words. Drink lots of water. They can't put a window unit in the main living area so that ya'll can have a place to be cool?

Let us know about the testing. Thinking of you T and truly hoping you feel better and can get cool.Love and hugs


You are doing something that is incredibly hard. You are rocking it though and there will be some crappy days. I have worked with bullies before and it is never pleasant. I'm wishing you the best. It is so hot and dry where I am that I am clinically dehydrated a lot. I have the same symptoms as you talked about. Would you be able to get a window air conditioner for your room? I don't know how much they are there, but you can find them relatively cheap here. If you're getting sick from the heat you deserve one.