I got out!


Would you be able to get a window air conditioner for your room?
Made me laugh 🤭 Aircon is almost unheard of in homes here. I ordered a tower fan, the same one as I had at home, it was very good, though my old home was really cool in summer anyway. This room is the hottest place in the house. Like walking into an oven.

Thankfully it's forecast to be cooler in a few days time.

Thanks for saying I'm rocking it @DharmaGirl means a lot actually. Last 2 days were so painful, suicidal ideation and all that.


Aircon is almost unheard of in homes here.
I used to live in an area where it wasn't really needed, but now I live in the high desert. Not having it is unheard of. When I left my abuser I had terrible PTSD symptoms, but it really wasn't recognized in the general public in the 80s. It was really hard some days and better others. I was always afraid I'd be shot, since he was a police officer at the time and carried a gun. He made me feel fat, ugly and unlikeable. I was shocked when boys would look at me and say, whoa! I thought they were making fun of me until a coworker said, "Come off it, you know you are pretty". I didn't, I really didn't. They make you feel so badly about yourself that you can't even recognize that you are a good person. Every time you recognize something good about yourself you are winning!

I took a course on domestic violence during my nursing training and I was so triggered I could barely finish. Compared to me you are doing so well by exploring your neighborhood, decorating, interacting with your good roommate and dealing with the poopy people well. Please give yourself lots and lots of credit for all you have done.

Tornadic Thoughts

Get ya' a little spray bottle you can fill with water that has a misting option. I keep one handy in the summer time to take in the car with me. It would feel nice in front of a fan, too! I call it my DIY air conditioning. Without a breeze, though, it just feels yuck and like heavier humidity.

I used to put a drop of peppermint essential oil in it, which makes it feel even cooler, but I like to spray it in my face and essential oils and eyeballs aren't a good combo. ☺️

By the way, @DharmaGirl is correct in saying that you are rocking it. Rocking it requires lots of rest and hydration, or it ends up feeling like the rock landed on ya'. Get ya' a couple gallon jugs of water/or a 12 pack at the store, if they have them, along with some healthy shelf stable snacks to stash in your room for days you don't feel like venturing out.

Sending lots of healing energies your way. May you soon feel less funky and more spunky. (((Hugs)))


This portable fan that you wear around your neck is epic - surprisingly powerful!



Teasel, do you have a spare pillow slip or a light top maybe? If so , you can wet this, wrong it out and use it to keep the back of your neck or your chest or larger areas of your body cool - when the fan comes this will be super effective.

I send lots of good wishes because it’s bad enough being hot and uncomfortable and unwell in our own nests- being in a residential situation that is temporary and not ideal really means you deserve all our admiration and support.


Getting out of bed is exhausting. Only managed to get down to kitchen once and I forgot to bring back water. Gutted.

I shall ring dr tomorrow. It's symptoms of underactive thyroid. Not been this serious for a long time..
I can relate to that. I'm currently on two thyroid meds and it's really hard to get up in the morning. I've started drinking espresso drinks. They are cold in the can as I can't drink anything hot in the morning. I bought an espresso machine off of Facebook but have not used it yet.

I've tried everything in the grocery store drink isle.. the espresso is the only thing that helps me.