I got out!


Thinking I need to gather ideas / info on kind of how to rehabilitate myself. Maybe first too to evaluate what needs working on. In regards to making a new life post near 2 decades of abuse I mean.

I expect it's pretty normal to feel a bit lost. I'm slightly worried about just drifting. Obviously am still unwell so not gonna get much done till I'm better but at least my mood / health has lifted enough to think about things.

Physical fitness and health are priorities

As is building confidence and social interaction, making friends etc

Some kind of job/ career would be amazing if I can manage it. Got to at least try for it.

Doing things I enjoy too. Self care, routine. Pretty much most aspects of living I should think.

Grateful to hear any ideas or experiences you all had building a new life after an abusive relationship?


So I've already begun physiotherapy to sort out my left ankle. Joined Min online support groups, applied to IAPT for some basic therapy.

I can apply for some kind of online post abuse course that the shelter can refer to. And my dv worker is looking into similar things for me.

I've also begun the application for PIP.

Hmm, maybe I don't actually need to worry so much after all, that lot is not too bad huh.

Nearly been here a month tho.


Heheh thanks. The CAB are gonna help me fill it out. They were fantastic last time i needed to apply for benefits so I'm relieved they can help with this.

I get ever so anxious applying for benefits.


Mixed feelings. Laughing n joking with women in the kitchen, showing our painted nails, such a simple thing, n I've barely had any of that for years and years and years. And it's good to experience that now isn't it. Bit scary too.

Maybe if I feel well enough I might go for a very short walk tomorrow. Ache less, no nausea anymore, still sometimes extremely weak.

The other woman who tested positive has more traditional covid symptoms - breathing difficulties, no sense of taste etc. She got her PCR test back already. Still waiting for mine.