I got out!


Love that little tea area you’ve created. Really like your mug - an unusual shape, which looks like it feels lovely to hold.

Wishing you well. You’re a kind, smart, funny, courageous woman who has demonstrated plenty of resilience in your posts here. Living with people can be very hard - particularly living with strangers who are dealing with their own difficult stuff and the impact of those things on them. If you need friends and supporters to help build more resilience, here we all are! All cheering you on because we know you’ve got this and that you deserve good things 😀


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Thanks so much @barefoot Think maybe I'll reread what everyone has said if I need to 🙂

I slightly confronted her yesterday, so I'm expecting her to be rather menacing today. Or else not speaking to me.

Meanwhile I'm going out in search of Sunday Dinner.

Any kind of lunch out will do if I can't find a roast.


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Got dressed up, put on my Max Mara silk scarf, green earrings, best platfotm sandals and went out.

One Sunday Dinner found 🥳

Was lush, even managed to eat most of it, pub nearby, reckon I'll go again. Treated meself to half a cider too, Inchers it was called, delicious, not had a cider in years.

Got home and McToxic was around, and boy was I wrong heehee I'm laughing inside, not menacing or giving the silent treatment at all, quite arse licky in fact. Well anyway

Happy daze 🤭
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Oh! I’m a little envious ( in a kind way) of your lunch! I’ve been craving a roast but I’m determined to empty our freezer . I rarely crave a roast meal but really it’s such a comforting thing - and can be pretty healthy too!

I’m so impressed standing up for yourself has yielded good results. It’s sad bucket head is not doing the personal work to just try and move forward on equal footing - but your concern is YOU. Knowing you can standup for yourself and create safety is incredible! I’m in awe !