I got out!


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Didn’t go for a walk yesterday.

Just had meeting with an organisation which apparently used to be very good at supporting people with mh issues. They’ve recently been taken over by another organisation and it seems now all they do is signpost people to other stuff. She signposted me to a couple things I already know about, and some things a long way a way.

I get really tearful when I’ve had my hopes up for getting help and then am disappointed. Had to leave to have a good cry. She tried asking me what I would have wanted and stuff but by then I was crying and in the you don’t ask for what you want because it’s dangerous headspace.

Body hurts because of tension.



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Aware of a sense of emptiness re my life and future life. Fear and hurt about the lack of connection or purpose.


Urge to withdraw and self sabotage. Has prolly been around since doing the good self portrait and discussing going back to college.