I got out!


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I have read that a lot of symptoms of PTSD can parallel autistic traits.
Sorry to tag you again. I've been looking for this info, I don't suppose you know where to find it / where you read it? Thanks no worries if not.

Managed to get back to sleep again from 6am to half 9. Pleased it didn't put my sleep out of whack too much. Fingers crossed.

This morning's coffee, made with the same beans, I don't like it :D I wonder what I did differently.

Nipped out to post something, the sound and sight of the leaves flying about the road and the wind on the trees ❤

I've really noticed on my pixels app - where I log my overall mood each day - the days when I've had my art class / or gone out for a little trip, mood is so much better than the days I stay in. Good to know! I can tey to get out more.


No need to apologise for tagging me. I am on here to share information and ideas with others.

I actually need to apologise to you. What I wrote may have been a little misleading. This was completely unintentional. The stuff that I a have read relates to children, not adults. I am a teacher and I can sometimes forget that I am viewing things through that perspective. Here is a link for a journal article about the topic. It is a bit hard to read, but has some good information.

Differential Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Two Clinical Cases


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Thanks. I can't get past the first paragraph. Perhaps another time I'll be able to read it.

On a side note, wondering if knowing that I'm 50 will affect the way you view me :)

Nodded off again last night, it's such a rare thing! To just nod off like that. Is wonderful lol.

So I woke up at half 5, delicious! I love waking up early so much.

And it's sunny outside :) The windows aren't clean, I mean, I've cleaned them on the inside, but on the outside they're really dirty. I might ask if they are gonna get done.

And this morning's coffee was delicious. Contemplating getting scales... I have kitchen scales, but I don't know how accurate they are at small weights....

Did a study. Would be good if I could paint. I'm intimidated by it and avoiding it.


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I think I'm being gossiped about.

I want to be better at not caring what people who don't have my best interests at heart do.

Went to the Mind support group. Chatted again with a lady I spoke to last time. She thinks she would get an aspergers diagnosis if she applied. Her grandson has autism. Quite enjoyed chatting with her. Though this time I realised she does monopolise the conversation quite a lot so it wasn't very 2 way.

We related on some asperger type traits but there were quite a few where I didn't have that issue or much weaker than her.

Feeling ever so sad. I'll word salad it to get it out.

Pondering never being able to function again. Not enough to really live. I wish I didn't live with people. No I don't mean that, I wish I lived with people I can get on with.

Gonna have a good cry.


You are the same person you were before she came back. If you can center yourself on that feeling and the caring and respect you get from so many here, maybe you can just ditch those outcast feelings. I know you didn't ask for advice, but as a professional outcast, thinking about being the person I really was helped me not care so much. The most important part of all this is that you got out, you stayed out, and now you are doing your best to heal. I have the utmost respect for you! ❤️