I got out!


Kinda just wanted to say sorry sometimes, well fairly often nowadays, I just can't find my words to reply properly. Like I loved reading your reply to me @ladee But when I come to reply the words just get jammed up and I can't get em out. It does bother me and I worry I seem rude or aloof.

I've seen stuff about burning man and it looks so cool. I couldn't hack it either tho me, I'm just terrible in the heat, England's too hot for me let alone the desert 😁

What's the renaissance fair? I tried googling it but not sure I found the right thing.

Yesterday I was back to suicidal ideation. I feel so stuck. Wish it weren't so hard to find somewhere to live.


It's ok T. I know there is a 'crash' that comes after you've allowed yourself to have some fun. It's ok. Hope this makes sense, but we 'talk without words' sometimes. I get it.

You are walking a road without much support and a lot of unknowns. Discovering and not always having the words for it. I get that. I'm there a lot myself with rebuilding my life now.

Maybe you are being given a little more time to get more steady before you find your new home. Just something to think about. But hey, you know I'm a little nuts right now so please ignore what is not helpful. I promise to not take it personally.

Sending hugs to put in a jar and take as needed.


We've already run through the program they offer. She's a lovely lady and I can tell she feels sorry for me and doesn't want to hurt my feelings so she'll see me now and then but she isn't a therapist and we've run out of things to talk about. Kind of feeling I should be the adult.

She's asked me if I want to help run an autistic social, which is very kind of her. I'll certainly consider it.

Head's not in the best place. Maybe I'm overly wanting to withdraw n feel sorry for myself.