I got out!


So good to read that you are feeling better. Hope the CBT is helpful and that you find some real benefit. Its something that takes a while to master and is amazing as the technique can be applied to so much in life. For me it has been a life saver on many occasions as it has helped me with overcoming so many cognitive distortions. Sending support and encouragement.


Thanks both 😊

Is my 4th lot of CBT, so am familiar with it. She spent the whole of the last session doing a safety plan with me, despite me feeling there is zero risk of me acting on the suicidal ideation I have pretty often. Understand she needs to tick boxes. I do seem to have had quite a lot of experience of people box ticking instead of being of help. I don't think I'm a very ungrateful person generally, but also slightly f*ck the box ticking.

Citalopram was the first AD I was prescribed, I reacted so badly to it @ladee it was just about the worst time of my life. The dose of prozac I'm on is awful too, I'm not confident more of it will help any.

Everyone's different aren't they. And I think having an autistic / adhd brain has gotta add to that.

I've heard people with fibro & adhd get on better with venlafaxine than SSRI's, though I do remember when researching it, there was some reason I thought it wouldn't suit me. I'll have to read up on it again. My memory ain't great.

I'm going to get it together to get appointments for my diabetes review, asthma review, and smear. I'm going to need to get an appointment to discuss fibro too. And autism and adhd.

I've held off talking to GP again about Autism / ADHD. When at first I brought it up, I hot brushed off. And since, I've found out the waiting list for diagnosis is years long, and tends to result in all mental health support being withdrawn.

I have issues with processing verbal communication which make speaking up for myself with doctors... I tend to get brushed off a lot.

Getting to see a psychiatrist on the nhs is virtually impossible.


I'm sorry getting help is next to impossible. Maybe you can move to the States for a year. We will find all the right Dr's, that know what meds, if any, to give. Get you all those contacts in place and you can do your appointments by zoom when you move back home.

For someone that gets doors shut in her face more often than not, you do have a handle on things much better than you might think you do. But I do understand that you want more out of your life than just surviving.

Sorry ti's so hard T. You have no idea how much I respect you.

Love and lots of gentle hugs if you want them.


I've had a really nice few days, few nice interactions with the other ladies, bit overwhelmed now, feel like a good cry. It might help hey. Peopling gets too much too quickly.

It was a big misunderstanding with the autistic lady.

Basically, I reached out to an autistic charity saying help. I was pretty desperate, and they had a chat with me and offered me sessions with an autistic therapist.

And well, gradually I picked up that this "therapist" didn't really quite like when I talked about myself. Really she preferred me to listen to her read out stuff from a slide presentation.. can't think what they are called.

So yeah I mentioned one day to her that I had been told she was a therapist but that I had gradually figured put she wasn't one. And she agreed, she is an artist who works at a university who educates people on what it means to be autistic.

The woman at the refuge, when we both thought I had an autistic therapist, encouraged me to see her as often as possible, and somehow even when I figured out she isn't a therapist, I had it in my mind that I need her support.

But from things she's said, I can tell she's not comfortable with that, but doesn't want to hurt my feelings.

So last session, she had asked me previously what I wanted to talk about, and in our session, she read stuff from the internet to me on that subject.

I don't feel any need to pay for more sessions like that.