I got out!


T you may have to dip into your savings a bit and find a Pdoc that specializes in Autism. They may have more affordable resources for you.

Do y'all have any kind of directory to help find what you are looking for. Like a national directory? I know I get overwhelmed having to do a lot on the phone. Maybe check on one a day?

And you can read all that without having to pay for it!! Jeez!!

Sending hugs and pretending we are driving around and you are showing me the sights and I get to see your tree!!

LOVE and hugs


Thanks both, I’ve read quite a few books, lots of articles, watched lots of YouTube videos, listened to podcasts, joined Autistic groups and forums. I’ve been pretty thorough as far as educating myself about Autism goes.

I’m not really sure what a doc is? A psychiatrist?

I searched a while back for a therapist who specialises in Autism, she was so fully booked up she wasn’t taking anymore people onto the waiting list. I don’t know how you go about finding a private psychiatrist, but shall look into it.

Just had a good sob. Am so tired of not having somewhere proper to live and not having any belief I’ll find anything and even if I did, no faith that it would be at all secure.