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Hello to all the partners of sufferers of PTSD. My name is Tammy and I live in Townsville with my partner and my beautiful 5 month old son. I have been reading the threads from the people already here and I am saddened to know that you don't really have the support that you need; so I have decided to try and help... I figure that I am at home most of the day anyway and I enjoy meeting new people and it has been said that I could talk under water with a mouth full of marbles, but I am also a good listener. This is just to let you all know that if you would like someone to chat to or vent your frustrations at, I am here. I was actually thinking about getting a group of partners together to meet up once a week or once a fortnight and do things together (like go to lunch or to the movies) anything to take our minds off our partners... where we could all relax and have fun and talk about the problems we are having. If anyone is interested in doing this please email me at [email protected] . I am here to help if anyone is interested anyway, and I know that sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to my frustrations. Thanks for reading my thread...
Bloody good idea Tam... and I definately second that partners need to get away from us at times, and with others who they can relate too, ie. spouses of those with PTSD, so they don't have to explain in great detail what we are like, but more get some support from those who know.

Great idea... you should see VVCS and the PTSD clinic and see if they can help. They will certainly get the word out for you.
Hi Tammy,

Thank god a voice of reason in an insane world. That sounds like a fantastic idea, I have been struggling a little since we came to Melbourne. To be honest I don't think the move has been as easy as we would have liked plus I have returned to full-time work so that leaves a lot for Anthony to do. Anyhow how are you all? How is that handsome boy? Hugs to all of you.
hello tammy my names paul and i think this is a wonderful idea. my wife finds it very hard as her mum past very suddenly two years ago,kim was very close to her mum so she feels she has no one to turn to so i think this would be a great help.i will tell her and see what she thinks. hope to meet you in the near future.
Hi All,

As usual, I bounced in with my idea of an on-line support group without doing a thorough check of all the other possibilities. I floated an idea under the Thread ' Trying to Start an On-line Support Group for Younger Vets Partners'.
It's thanks to Golf Tango that drew my attention to Tammy and Somaliaspouse.
Would appreciatte your thoughts.

Cheers Lima Tango
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