I Have Been Violated - Computer Bugged

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some one in my house has been bugging my computer.
i had to call for tec help becouse im not that computer savey.
i feel so mad. i know it is my brother becouse my son cant read let alone figure out anything on his computer he just got his own this past summer.
my brother is a computer programer i dont know what to do.
i think he has signed up on this web site. he has ptsd from his ship wreck in 1980 . i dont understand i give him a home and food take him were ever he needs to go and he dosent help much he might do some dishes every once and a while. but what makes him think he has a right to spy on me.


That is pretty rude to say the least, tough spot to be in, if you think confronting him is best, do it.


I do not have much time so I am sorry if this is hard to understand. I do not know the details of what happened to your computer, but one potential comes to mind. Just because your computer had something like that on it does not mean that it was intentionally put there, or there because of your brother; there are a lot of different security problems with different programs that can be exploited to pass things to your computer, even through various minor security measures. Think back to exactly what was said to describe it to you, was it some sort of adware or spyware or keylogger that could have come in that way? Confronting is a little strong even if you are still thinking that your brother might have had a hand in how it got into your computer. It could be he visited some site or downloaded some program that had that bad program hidden inside of it and your computer was infected automatically without his knowledge. Either way I want to recommend to you the programs ad-aware, spyware blaster, and spybot search & destroy. You can get them from c-net's download.com site. They can help you remove other bad programs and things from your computer, and keep some of them off.


To add to what Andre has already described, Microsoft has a funny way of getting into your computer uninvited, and adding things, changing them or deleting them, and using the agreement you digitally sign when you install windows as an excuse for their uninvited intrusion. Unless you have a good reason to believe it was somebody close, it's possible that it was done remotely, from someone who doesn't even know you. I found a file in the windows file system that even lists the day of the week that Microsoft intrudes and updates my computer, and I have updates turned off. My night is Tuesday, before I found the file and took steps, I wondered why my computer would always act whacked out on Wednesday. I'm sure they still manage to invade my system, but not automatically and not as easily as before. I hope that helped avoid hard feelings.

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Added to the two above me... Also, if he has this he could have very well done as the people all over the world registered here have done. A search for info on the condition he has. Be careful before you jump to conclusions.


1.- i would strongly suggest a move to gnu/linux
2.- maybe he wants to become active about his ptsd and thought signing up was a good move, or maybe is trying to indirectly let you know that he is ready to be approached about it?

hugs, vera.
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