Relationship I have PTSD, I'd like to hear advice from supporters


Hello everyone, I'd really like to get some opinions and advice from supporters of people with PTSD.

I have PTSD myself, and so my tendency is to isolate when I'm struggling. While I know this isn't exactly healthy, I see it healthier and safer than lashing out, or "bringing everyone down with me". I also have a hard "boyfriend/family/friends aren't therapists". That said, I don't have a therapist.

In a PTSD sufferer/supporter relationship dynamic, how do you handle trauma and trauma reactions? Often supporters have their own shit too. Is it preferred to be completely open and honest about everything, or are some journeys better travelled alone?

I struggle with this, I often feel like I shouldn't be in relationships at all, because of my illness, because of the way I react and I don't want to hurt anyone, I'd prefer to be alone than to hurt someone. But also, why be in a relationship to end up alone (by isolating myself)?

Any advice or opinions about the relationship dynamics are welcome, supporter or suffer, but I'm especially interested in hearing supporters opinions.


Thanks also to you @Roland , it helps me possibly understand too. I always feel torn between what is the implicit message/ directive not said, and feeling badly to not give the benefit of the doubt and assume truthfulness because I take the words verbatim or try not to assume/ mind read. But the other person feels badly if they don't get what they want (to be avoided or for me to leave), or I feel badly because I think I shouldn't assume it if they haven't said it. (Cognitive dissonance for me, if I am pretty sure that's what they want, but I feel badly about myself if I think they have to avoid or be untruthful, or I am thinking they are avoiding or being untruthful and what if that isn't fair to think of them?)

Honest communication would be useful if you have it or are motivated to do it, I guess.

Anyway, thank you!
It's helpful to be able to talk things through and analyze them. Glad to be able to do that with you. Yeah, open and honest communication is key to most relationship issues I think.