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I know I have control but how do I learn to harness that power?

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i keep getting told i have the power inside me to handle this....i beleive that is true ...but how the f*ck do i get control? i feel like my whole life s a dream ... a pretty one but strange and terrifying at the same time ..any advice ?

Ever notice how the simplest answers are the hardest to accomplish? Doesn’t make them any less true, however. Practice, a thousand times a day, or as often as you think of it. In small ways, big ways, complicated ways, simple ways. In every situation and scenario, every what that you can think of, until you master it. Then put yourself in situations and scenarios that test that mastery. But first? Any little small thing, for even the barest moment. And then do it again. And again. And again. Little pieces in moments become bigger, stronger, faster, more complete, more who you want to be, and how you want to be.

Are there specific skills handed down over centuries and millennium for various kinds of control? Absolutely. and practicing any kind of control will make the following kinds easier to accomplish. So you can reeeeeally start anywhere. Personally, I usually pick whatever is annoying me the most, or causing the most disruption to my life, and work my way on down the list. Less a linear thing, than a fluid thing.
Control over what?

As even in one MH disorder, the things people want and need varied degrees of control over, will be different.

So what is your specific thing / type you feel at loss of control for?
Or what situations it pops up, if can't pinpoint the thing itself, yet?


Just because you feel out of it or in a dream, does not mean you are. Or losing control. Two different things.

Ime control is more what I'm going to do with myself, in reaction to a situation...

Not how distant or altered the situation. My choices. My actions. My take on it, if choices and actions are both prevented or messed with.

Control is my grasp on my responses. What's in my heart and mind. Not what others interfere by for the kicks of it.

Not my brain playing tricks on me, either. I just got to wait those out, with least damaging actions interrim.
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.but how the f*ck do i get control?
A lot of really good advice here. Trying to take on the whole thing for me was overwhelming so just taking small steps, baby steps in the right direction is crucial to me. Showing up every day and taking that step over and over again really gets you down the road fast...impossibly fast sometimes. I hope you find what helps.
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