I Lost My Cat and I Am Really Struggling


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I am so sorry, i have lost pets. it is the hardest thing to do. I think all we can do is remember how much we loved them, and how much they loved us. i know that probably doesnt help.


His regular vet called me on Thursday when she got the records from the emergency vets office. She was so kind and assured me that I did nothing wrong. I told her I felt like I failed him and she said that he just had poor genetics (as he has had other ailments since I got him as a kitten), and it was just his time. I keep thinking I see him and it startles me. I am trying to keep busy with other things though, which helps, although mornings are the hardest as we had our routine.


When I lost my cat, Dino, I heard him for a couple of years after that. I would hear his little cry in the distance. It was strange and soothing at the same time. He was a rescue and I think his mom was feral so he had multiple issues, too. I gave him his best life and he gave me unconditional love.

You loved your friend and he knew it.