I Love...

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Me Myself and I

- I love waking up in the morning to the chirping of the birds and the sunlight shining through my window.
- I love the strong bond I have with my family and our Fridays lunch all together.
- I love it when I walk down the street and some random person smiles at me.
- I love how my grandmother of 83 years feels like a 20 years old girl, still enjoys putting on her lipstick and wearing a stylish pair of earrings.
- I love diversity and people who accept it.
- I love laughing and how contagious it always is.
- I love having fun and being around friendly people.
- I love how everyday I learn something new about myself, others, and everything around me.
- I love reading and the way it takes me to my own world.
- I love music and the magical effect it has on me.
- I love faith and the strength it transmits me.
- I love the passion I have form my Job.
- I love entering my class and seeing my kids smiling eager to start the lesson.
- I love spending my time outside among nature and how refreshed that makes me feel.
- I love having some alone time.
- And finally I love... love.

What about you? What do you love? :)


- I love this idea!
- I love long walks on sunny days.
- I love the satisfaction of doing a job well.
- I love spring/summer!
- I love my boyfriend :3
- I love programming <3 <3 <3
- I love my family, even if they were arseholes in the past :P
- I love different opinions and perspectives.
- I love reading!!! Reading is awesome!
- I also love over using emojis :);):p:cool::D:alien::geek::roflmao::laugh::smug:


I love - my daughter - a gift I thought I lost and would never have
I love the sun through my window in the morning
I love to go for long runs out in nature - feel that Im in one with the winds and the world
I love yoga early in the day - makes my body come back to it self
I love takin photos - specially of the small things in nature most of us dont see and realise exist
I still love books - even if not as deeply as before
I love and I adore and I need nature and quiet places
I love long walks
I love long bikerides
I love the forest on a misty cloudy day that makes it looks so wonderous and mysterous
I love Bobbie the puddle boy and Im thakful I could and still can borrow him
I love the way some new people in my life has lifted my spirit recently by simply accepting me for being me
I love the norwegians cabins and their simplicity with no running water, electricity and such
I love spring

I love this post you posted :-)


New Here
I love silence. It's a new favourite, underrated thing I have discovered.
I love to crochet. It has saved me from breaking down a couple of times.
I love to annoy my partner by taking surprise pictures of him with my new camera that he bought me. I bet he regrets it now. :giggle:
I love bike riding in cold weather.
I love airplanes. I live near a NATO base and I hear them all the time.
I love coffee.
I love my partner. I don't think he will ever realise how much.


Policy Enforcement
I love Rosie my mum's dog.
I love my bicycle xena
I love mother nature
I love my paintings.... They are masterpieces you know....
I love books
I love cycling in the rain
I love cycling down a big hill without holding the handlebars......
I love my flat... I was homeless you see...


I love the smell of pine when the trail is still damp.
I love my cat when he puts down his hard-ass veneer and succumbs to my needs to pass out love while he sleeps on my lap.
I love that everyone guesses my age too young.
I love learning new things, all of the time.
I love being too small for my fat pants.
I love the first glimpse of the ocean, when I hear it before I see it, because first I must climb a dune.
I love being free.
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