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Research I`m (not) mentally ill!? Interesting Study!

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Hey! My name is Annika. I am at a german university studying the consequences of how people deal with the mentally ill label, including people suffering PTSD related symptoms. Past research has shown that the relationship we have with our mental health concerns can heavily influence what the recovery looks like. It`s completely in English and everyone is welcome to participate. Everything stays anonymous.

Virtuelles Labor - FernUniversität in Hagen - Psychologie

A big goal of mine was to really reach a wide spectrum of people, because the experience of mental illness is different for everyone. This survey contains open questions as well as simple scales, because I really want to give you a voice. My interpretation is secondary to everything you`re saying and I`ll post the results of my study in November. The survey is open until September 27th 2020. Just click on the link. It will also tell you a little bit more about the study when you open it. Thanks so much. I am more than willing to answer any questions you have, please write an e-mail or leave a comment in this thread. I am sure I can contribute with this study, but it definitely needs your voice. Thanks again Annika. =)
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I often read surveys with a critical lens - what assumptions is the researcher making? How are their assumptions shaping their work, and the range of possible conclusions?

Yours is written humanely, and with attentiveness to a range of experiences. Thank you.
Hey One step at a time and Missycat! Thanks for your feedback guys. I am very happy you thought it was attentive and humane, I really wanted to make this an important part of my research. Until the survey is closed I won`t post my assumptions because that influences responses, but I promise I`ll post a summary including assumptions etc. in November.(: I hope the waiting is not too long! It´s definitely wise to be critical. Thanks for your participation.
Good luck with your survey.
I have just completed it. I was struck that the option of 'psychiatrist' was absent in the list of who diagnosed the mental health condition. In the UK I would suspect that they are the main clinician to diagnose.
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