I need everyone to know about this drug. It's called Auvelity.


If there's one thing that I prayed to see happen during my lifetime, it's the legitimization of dextromethorphan (DXM) as a life-saving drug used to treat PTSD and depression. While it currently is only approved by the FDA for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), I have been self-treating with 120mg of DXM every day since August and I have seen a marked improvement of every one of my PTSD symptoms.

This drug going from being considered a "poor man's psychedelic" to "robotripping in the parking lot" (&& the negative reputation that people get for using it) to finally gaining recognition as a real treatment for mental health disorders has been some of the best news I've received in the last 10 years. This drug is going to help millions of people && I could not be more thrilled. I've known about DXM's efficacy since I was 16 years old. I used to use it in doses that would get me "high," but these days I don't even need to do that. My drinking is under control for the first time in decades, too, because I simply don't need to self-medicate anymore.

My relationship with my family has never been better. I go outside. I do chores. I have friends. I'm processing my trauma and attending therapy and seeing genuine results and learning to overcome my cognitive distortions and negative self-talk. I am relieved of the physiological symptoms of anxiety and panic and hypervigilance. This drug has been a miracle drug for me. I started at 300mg and have slowly gotten down to 260, and then 120. I genuinely believe this drug saved my life, and now it is FDA approved in a combination of DXM and Wellbutrin (buproprion, a DXM potentiator [it works synergistically with DXM & makes it so low doses are effective]).

While aware that I must sound like a pharmaceutical ad, this has been the key component of my medical treatment & has helped me with suicidal ideation and extreme trauma. If you are struggling with treatment-resistant depression or crushing PTSD symptoms, please check this drug out! It is legal and it has been proven in clinical trials to be very safe and tolerable. Not everyone is going to get the same positive effects that I did. Every person is different, so I'm not trying to sell you snake oil. But if you're struggling, this is worth looking into.

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