Undiagnosed I need help diagnosing and treatment of my PTSD


New Here
Well I imagine like everyone else here I have sort of trauma which is no greater or lesser of value than anyone of yours. I am by any means no better than anyone else out there. We're all human an I believe we are allotted so many in a lifetime before one damages their memory of the world as we see it. Guys, I reached my low, extreme, crisis, peak or the end if I don't get help first off self awareness do I even have said PTSD. I come from a drink water heals everything kind of upbringing. Don't know my father mother was single with three boy's all of that she partied with as opposed to raising them mi have a 9 year old daughter. I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of failure for why has happened to my little girl. I'm sure you catch the drift not just once though we're talking ongoing over two years to the point where my order nightmare has come true. I was facing a smartphone screen that read the confession of an almost 45 year old man admitting his uttermost love for My daughter feelings so intense more instensly f*cking gross he just had to tell his wife about t his affair. It's been over two years just about and I live such a lonely life where everyone gave up granted I need a lil extra lovin. My thoughts, my mood, my intense onstant anger or aggression for myself as a father a failure. But did I fail if I was never taught myself. I need help diagnosing and treatment of my PTSD. I have literally no one to talk to and my one person my bf acts annoyed that is not healthy in itself. One issue at a time.