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I Realize That I


I was thinking that as we as sufferers work through our symptoms it's sometimes really helpful to be mindful of where we are and what we're discovering about ourselves. Both positive and negative. I was thinking this could be a thread where as we realize things about ourselves we can post them here and even relate to each other and discuss them. I'll start.

I realize that I struggle to accept love from myself and others because I'm scared of it and I struggle with self worth issues. Because in my past what I thought was love ended up being abusive and it hurt me.
Great, great thread, Blackbird! :)

I realize that I now have self-worth

I'm glad you like the thread! I hope it takes off. The idea for it came to me a little while ago :).

It's so great that you have self worth now! I hope to reach that point soon. Struggling with self worth is so lonely.

I realize that I struggle with fear. It's a huge problem for me and I don't always know what to do with that emotion.
I realize that I stress and worry too much about things that affect my stability. I am trying so hard to take it one day at a time and refuse to allow me to stress about the what ifs. I have been having some success with this. But presently I realize that I am overwhelmned. So that makes it even more challenging. I will get through the many challenges ahead one step at a time.