I Realize That I


I realize I'm pretty damaged, or at least my mind is pretty swirl-y. I think when bad things happen (truly), then even small things can come under the microscope. Or more accurately, be frightening, or I feel untrusting or closed off. I think it's like getting a very bad sunburn, then a day or 2 later it's even worse, then the least amount of even normal sun hurts and feels like- oh no.

I realize it's hard to conceptualize or have faith things could get better, or I'll feel differently.

I think my amygdala is super-over-sensitive. 😟

ETA yet it came to me, I have got on track, or felt better before, got on-a-bit-of-a-roll. And not even that long ago, technically. It just feels like it was longer ago.
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