Sexual Assault I sexually assaulted my cousin and when i was a kid and i still cant forgive myself


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Hello, i was exposed to porn at a very young age and i thought that i wanted to recreate the same thing so when i was around 10-11 i saw that my cousin who’s the same age as me was sleeping so i thought let me touch her private parts i did remove her pants and tried to touch but then stopped and the next day i told her but i didnt tell her that i did that because its what i saw in porn fast forward we completed being normal to each other but when i became 19 i suddenly remembered what i did and i cant stop feeling bad about it i feel like a monster i don’t know what to do i did go to a therapist and told her what happened and she said it happens with lots of kids and that its alright as long as i never did it again, I’m scared that im an abuser what if the people around me hated me for it?right now my cousin lives in another country and we dont talk i told my therapist that maybe i should tell her what happened but my therapist said its better not to should i really listen to her?