I slept with my therapist, now what?


My therapist and I have always had a strong connection and she has helped me in ways no one ever could before. We became friends, but never really did anything together outside of counseling and texting. I slept with her and she is horrified that it happened. She had called me in the middle of the night and we were texting back and forth and then she wanted me to come over and she says she was blacked out, I didn’t know she had a current drinking problem. I am lost right now, what should I do? This was also the first time I was with another woman.


Now you cease seeing her as a therapist.

And report her for the sake of other clients.

Technically the reporting part you might consult with her supervisor / organization to handle her internally and not air it elsewhere other than mentioning improper conduct...

But in every case, don't continue seeing her.
In any capacity.

I'm so sorry you are in that spot.


You're getting hurt and it will just be worse if you don't.

Any time you think you don't know if you can stop with something?
Is too late already;
The thing should been finis ten years ago.

Not saying it to blame & guilt trip you.
Saying it because I got a lifetime of capital Bad Decisions up my belt...

And this sounds like one of these.
Save yourself the heartache you yet can.
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I’m sorry this has happened to you.
No matter how much you feel like you need/want to stay with her as your T, I think you need to get out. This is not good for your recovery and blurs lines that shouldn’t be blurred.
Is she part of a practice, or can you ask your normal doc for a new referral?