I Started Taking Inositol and it is Really Helping Me


I started taking inositol, a B vitamin supplement, and it is really helping me so far with my obsessive thinking. I am able to take a pretty small dose and find relief. I hope this continues as it’s so nice to have my mind be quiet again. It’s not perfect, but it’s to the level where I am able to function and I’m no longer thinking “ok, how long until I hit bottom here?”

I’ll try to add updates as things progress.
Correction, I read that while inositol is called “Vitamin B8” it’s technically a sugar. This explains why it tastes sweet. This is actually a good thing as I can just take the powder plain and don’t have to mix it in something first. I also bought a set of mini measuring spoons as even 1/4 teaspoon was giving me a headache. It’s easier to build up as needed and help my body adjust as to avoid side effects.

The research I’ve found says it is helpful for anxiety and OCD type symptoms and this is my experience. I am taking a very low dose and feeling relief. If it’s a placebo effect, I really don’t care as I feel so much better. My mind isn’t completely calm but it’s so much better than it was. Plus, inositol is usually well tolerated and something we get in certain foods anyway. I believe the theory is that certain people who have anxiety (etc) may lack it in their diet so that’s why it can help.

I will add that I have a bottle of pure inositol powder. It’s not that large, but if I continue to be ok on a small dose, the bottle will last a long time. (It has no fillers.)

I am very medication sensitive and have required very small doses of prescription medication, so I am not surprised that I am feeling relief on such a small dose.