I walked out of my house, alone, and went to the PO!


This is a big deal for me, right now.

Struggling with bad, agoraphobia, well it's not exactly, agoraphobia, more like social phobia. I can manage when I have someone with me but, generally, going out, in public, alone, is some thing I'm exceedingly avoidant of.

So, I went down to the PO, mostly motivated by my concern for my kid, coz he's sick at home, a cold, I think, but, I ordered a bunch of immune boosting supplements and soothing elderberry and vit C lozenges from iherb. So I went down to the PO and got them.

I saw someone, I knew, from, my old life. She commented on my hair. She hadn't noticed I don't have dreadlocks anymore, until now, even though I'd since her since pulling them out. She said my hair looked "amazing". I have very curly, ringletty, big, frizzy, "white person fro" hair.

It was ok though. Even though I panicked when I saw her.