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I went to the er for having stroke symptoms

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I'm looking for awnsers because they did a CAT scan and MRI and told me it was just anxiety and put ativan in my tube.

Here is what happened. I was at work feeling okay, eating my food alone on break like I do. I was walking back from lunch and everything was calm to me, I wasn't nervous. It just happened out of nowhere. My heartbeat pounded into my thoat and was very rapid, my whole left side went numb, my speech was jumbled, I couldnt pick up a peice of paper because my strength left my body. So, I left work because I was afraid. I got home and tried talking to my mother in plain English, but it was like I was speaking another language and it was jumbled. No matter how hard I pushed to speak in my native tounge it didn't work and my jaw started to quiver. I didn't have a migraine, my vitamin levels were checked 2 months ago, so I've been taking vitamins, so I am confused!

I have had PTSD for a long time, but I never knew it could mimic stroke victims. I do know that PTSD can lead to an actual stroke. I'm just at the point of what's wrong. (I will go to see my doctor next week.) It happened again today. I tried to say "The cat ran across the road" and I might as well have said "ghdgydghuhnhnnkfsrg" because it didn't make any sense and my face twitched afterwards. I tried to say it again and was just mumble and after the third try, I said it just fine.

I just want to know if a person with PTSD has experienced this? Or have any clues, so I can talk to a doctor about it.
Hey @sundailk , sorry I don't have any experience with such symptoms.
It sounds terrifying, what you went through, though. I'd definitely suggest seeing your doctor asap. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.
Is it possible that the CAT scan and MRI gave a false negative? This is more just thinking out loud as the asymmetrical numbness doesn't seem right. I've experienced numbness from anxiety attacks but it has always been symmetrical.
I hope not, I hope those scans were right. I am hoping it is just anxiety and as most of us know PTSD can cause a host of physical symptoms and do weird things to our bodies. I'm taking off work for a while because I have medical leave hours plus a note. I'm watched carefully at home. I'm lost for words, literally at times. I will try to update this thread as time goes on because I want awnsers for others as well.
@sundailk your symptoms sound similar to an incident I had a few years ago. The doctors called it a TIA or a mini stroke. It is what is called an early warning sign for possible future strokes but it doesn't leave any evidence on an MRI or CAT scan. My doctor ordered a full cardiac workup and I have taken steps to limit my risk factors since. I would suggest that you speak to your doctor about this possibility.
(I will go to see my doctor next week.)
Why next week when this has happened two times? This isn't PTSD stuff in my opinion. This is an impending serious problem that should be looked at very closely ASAP. I get it though. I often wonder to myself what is an actual 'problem' physically vs what is somatic trauma stuff. It can be super confusing. For the record I weigh in that this is not a psychosomatic thing.
I am also concerned that your are having ministrokes and would like to second the suggestion that you get an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. A woman in a support group with me went to the er with similar symptoms and was sent home after they decided it was an anxiety attack. She saw her doctor because they kept happening and found out they were ministrokes.
Too many people get sent home from the ER with things seriously wrong with them. I can only suggest you get with your Dr. sooner rather than next week. We are all hoping for it to be anxiety, I've had some pretty serious anxiety, once while already in the ER for an unrelated thing. They brought a guy in, while I was waiting to be discharged, he had been shot in the stomach, being me, I had to look... and it was the worst panic attack I ever had.
They rushed me back and I could hear people talking all around me but could not say anything... my body was cramping so bad from lack of oxygen and as I felt the numbness coming up from my legs to my chest, I kept thinking, I am going to die if they don't do something... one Dr was saying a drug overdose, all kinds of 'opinions' flying around but they were not doing anything to help me...

Finally this Earth Angel of a nurse came in... and said, she is having an anxiety attack.. she started talking to me, made everyone move away from the gurney, and just stroke my arm, talking to me the whole time... I finally started breathing right and calming down... had that nurse not come in.. no telling what all they would have done that was not needed...

So yes, mine was a major panic attack... and even if this is what you had, please, go to your Dr right away... go set in his office and he will make time for you.... this needs immediate attention.... better to be safe and informed... ER's do the best they can, but it is not a place to get the one on one care and listening that your Dr would give you... please keep us updated... worried about you.
Too many people get sent home from the ER with things seriously wrong with them. I can only suggest you g...

I want to cry because you all are so sweet. I am thankful for the nurse that was by your side. These post are really making my year seeing people react so kind. If I have a bad day, Ill remember there are people who care no matter how the news and world seem to be especially when I'm having an episode, I'm so happy. I am listening to you all.
Yes please see your doc asap so they can start checking and testing. Referrals to specialists take...

Yep, it took a few days for him to get the order. I had to wait 10 to 14 days to be contacted by the neurologist after that, to be told I can't get an appointment until mid September.
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