Ideas if you find yourself without income


Let's assume you have no saving and can't receive the usual government help or bank loans or all that. And that the family you have needs help as much as you do.
How would you bring your income up fast?
So far, I found few things I may sell-not going to amount to much but better than nothing, 1 side cleaning gig that brings in 20$xweek,and another that is paid like2$xh, so hard to do but could be another 10-20$ per week. Still need to figure out 3 times the income I will get from all these things altogether.

Good thing is, I have more than 1 income coming in after a month or so. Trouble is, how to bridge the gap until that happens.
1. Sell off stuff that is not needed
2. Reduce your discretionary spending
3. Make a budget and stick to it
4. Contact your utilities etc and request payment plans & negotiate lower amounts till your income increases
5. Consider moving into cheaper rental area, going into share accommodation or taking in a house-mate (dependant on your situation)
6. Shop for food that is nutrient dense, cheaper and goes further
7. Babysitting/tutoring/waitressing/dog walking - in spare time
8. Network for better paying day job/keep your eyes open
9. Stay positive even though I know it's really hard to do so