Ideas to feel a little better


That's a nice one, @Teasel - I can add, @JGirl, something that helps me. Pick an activity, any activity - using Teasel's suggestion above, I'd go with Active - and then set a timer and do the activity for 10 minutes. You can decide that stopping after 10 minutes is OK, you just need to do 10 minutes. (five, if it's very physically challenging).

That can help get over the hump of not feeling like doing anything. You don't have to feel like doing it, just do it for a set period of time.


Hi I’m sorry you’re depressed. It’s very hard being depressed and I understand.

I’m not depressed but it took a very long time and lots of therapy. It also took lots of on and off different meds and getting disability and not working outside the home for 10 years, which is to say, extreme measures . I’m actually trying to go back to work of some kind now and though I’d rather not do this, I don’t feel horrible about it. Like it might be do able.

I don’t know what to suggest because I always felt like nothing worked when I was really depressed . As I got less depressed things started to work like positive thinking and meditation and stuff.

I used to exercise and that worked for a while as I’d get the endorphins and stuff. That was one of the first things I did. I started exercising at home. My wife used to yell at me for working up a sweat in the bedroom lol. That eventually turned into jogging and that turned into going to the gym.

Anyway I hope you feel better and I wanted to say hi and be supportive because I hate the idea of being that depressed.


I am going to try that @joeylittle. I Looked at the list that @Teasel gave me and I decided that walking to the front porch was active. I got to the door and it was chilly so I went back to the couch. Walking a short distance counts as active, right? That inspired me to put the kettle on. Now I am going to try the 10 min thing. I can force myself to walk outside for 10 min. Then I will have a nice cup of tea to look forward to.

This was exactly what I needed!

Thank you @Mach123. The support makes a huge difference.


I'm glad that you're trying the suggestions and sorry you're struggling so hard. I actually do what Joeylittle suggested too. And something I learned in an eating disorder support group is to remember that if the first thing you try doesn't work, try something else. Don't catastrophize and think nothing will work.

Sending some gentle support your way.


Everyone is absolutely amazing!

So I went for a 25 min walk. I live close to a river and went down to a beautiful babbling brook that leads to it and just stood in the sun watching and listening to the water. It felt amazing! Then I can home, made some lunch and a tea. While my emotions are a roller coaster, right now I actually feel hopeful. I always know that the negative feelings won't last forever, but today, for the first time in several weeks, I actually feel it.