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IDK Why Simple Qs Are A Dilemma

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It's not okay, right?

Keep telling myself it's fine even if fixing jack squat but d'uh. 'Go ask someone else.'

So I'm asking.

Missing way many people. Tired of failing people. Tired of whatever the hell I said wrong that makes someone's brain go splat again. Tired of talking never getting anywhere and silence even less.

And when I figure a fix I have f*cked up DID boyband telling me going out is not okay and to reach out.

Sorry for pathetic post.
Love you Ro. I love that even on your most crappy days you are always concerned about the people in your life.

Sometimes people's heads go splat from hearing the truth.

You can't control other people's emotions. That is on them. Take care of yourself first then worry about others.

So glad you're here with us! You have such a warm heart and I love how you always show people the flip side of things. It has made me do the same. Thank you!!

🍪 🍪 🍪 😊


Pathetic?? of all the words in the world that one does not apply to you in any shape or form. Not in my world, it doesn't. I sent an SOS to you in the midst of your very hard time you are having, and you answered the call. Full tilt boogie! And stayed with me in the beginning until I had my feet under me. Which you helped me do, get my footing again.

One of the many things I love about you is you are REAL. Always that! And you give to everyone here not to mention what you do in real life that we never hear about.

It's been a long long haul for you this time around Ronin. The world is insane, stress every corner we turn, and yet here you are. No, please don't use that word again in regard to YOU.

A good possibility you are exhausted beyond what a soul should endure, but never pathetic. Much love and loyalty to you Ronin. Let us give back to you to put good stress in your cup and we have extra spoons when you need them. Love you very much. No words to put on that, it's that large.

Be kinder to yourself. And brains that go splat, not on you. Much love, hot tea, a cool breeze and many 'fluffy hugs' for your tired, way too tired self.
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