If Money Were No Concern...


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I kind of love playing this game. Although admittedly, it sometimes makes me sad that it's mostly fantasy, that I'll never do any of it. One of the things my therapist says is that I can find small ways to do some of the things that I dream about. Maybe. We'll see.

Anyhow, what would YOU do if you were not restrained in any way - not by money or family or other circumstances?

Interestingly, my answers have changed over the last two years, although I still am interested in all of it.

First, I wanted to build a state-of-the-art animal sanctuary. Spare no expense, have programs for all ages, offer volunteer opportunities for all, have beautiful places for animals to stay until they are adopted, and a strong ethic for all staff/volunteers. I'd work to bring no-kill to all states, and be very involved in all the operations of the organization.

So later (during the pandemic), I decided what I really could manage would be a new home with lots of land and a couple of tiny guest houses on my property. And AirBnB or Vrbo. And, of course, a huge catio for my girls and fenced in area for a dog. Lots of bird feeders, as well. And a place to hold workshops.

Now, a year later, my ideas have again changed (although I still like my other two ideas). Now, I would love a new house on a LOT of land...enough room for me to not have to deal with people and have plenty of space for dogs. A dedicated writing room in my house, a sunroom, maybe...and a place outside in back to sit and just be during the warm months.

So...what would YOU do if you didn't have to worry about money (or anything else)?


Doctors Without Borders.

Or anything travel related where I am completely immersed in the culture.

I also want to learn so many things. Endless list of things to experience. Neuroscience is at the top of my list, well neuro-anything.

Languages, I want to understand more languages. How different words feel. Words hit differently sometimes in other languages.

Appalachian trail, full thing. Forward and back.

All the Ultras. ALL. Worldwide.

All things outdoors.


Languages, I want to understand more languages. How different words feel. Words hit differently sometimes in other languages
Awesome list! Have you studied any languages? I speak German, and I'm learning Scottish Gaelic, Arabic, and Russian. It's so much fun!
Appalachian trail, full thing. Forward and back.
Lots of great books out there about this. I read one last year - Unlost, by Gail Muller - I just can't imagine doing it!


My ultimate dream is to have an animal sanctuary in the middle of the mountains, but close enough to a major city to enjoy the cultural amenities of city living. I want a library like the one from the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast", and a program that teaches people how to navigate relationships by learning to do so with dogs and horses. True rehabilitation work, ya know?
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My ultimate dream is to have an animal sanctuary in the middle of the mountains, but close enough to a major city to enjoy the cultural amenities of city living. I want a library like the one from the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast", and a program that teaches people how to navigate relationships by learning to do with dogs and horses. True rehabilitation work, ya know?
That's fantastic, @Eagle3!


Have you studied any languages?

Spanish, Swahili, and ASL. Not fluent in any mind you, but plenty of phrases. I’m best at Spanish, but I also live in an area where I get to actively use it. Which is best anyway, because I learn how the language is actually used versus what’s in a textbook.

Unlost, by Gail Muller

I’ll give it a read! There are some pretty cool books on it. I’m without a doubt gonna do this one, but circumstances do need to shift a bit before I can make it happen.


If money were no concern, I'd have a complete healing team. ❤️‍🩹

Also, it has always been a dream to build and live in an eco-village, or a sustainable tiny-house community in a peaceful rural area. There would be a common library, observatory, and maybe a school that would prioritise teaching values, health, arts, and practical skills (and without quantitative grading).

I'd also like to create, or at least support mental health organisations (outside of the eco-village), maybe fund therapy groups, courses, and counselling sessions for those who can't afford it.

Oh, so many things to do...so little funds. 😅


Investing in rehab programs, proper schooling for infants, kids and teenagers. With courses of psychology, healthy relationships, mindfulness, cooking & self-care on top of hard-ass actual maths, science and languages. (Adapted according to the level). Course of formal logic, basic local law, ethics, philosophy. Like, know your rights. Culture & artistic expression. Needless to say, application prioritizing people coming from deprived backgrounds.

Investing in better training, education and paychecks for police & proximity policing. Having it being proactive, protective and preventative, not only repressive and f*cking scary and mostly incompetent.

Invest in logistical data start ups or NGOs that help managing organic crops and have a more efficient distribution with less intermediates and cut these costs to make quality food more affordable and easy to access or even competitive. Managing data for sharing farming machines in the right times and not everyone having to use it at the same time, so farmers don’t have to invest so much in expensive equipment that is used once a year. It’s not possible to do it for all types of crops, but it’s certain there is optimization to do on that point.

Honestly it’s not so much personal finance that worries me but I think I’d end up wanting the powers of a State 😂 Perhaps I’d be better to stay just where I am.

On my personal finances side though, I’d try to invest in charities that go into that direction, and give myself the opportunity to live somewhere decent where I can do and learn things. Arabic and Chinese would be languages I’d like to. Probably I’d buy a nice studio with a small chemistry and a large casting department. Going clubbing far more often. Working with horses and animals.


Educational foundations, scholarships for students keen to research areas in which I’m interested.

I’d get my house finished too though, floors, a roof that didn’t make me worry n storms, the landscaping of my dreams .

I’m buy only goods I was confident were made well - ethically- from sustainable resources, by people paid a fair wage that afforded them dignity .

I already cannot leave a sad animal alone - I’ve nursed birds and small mammals and some of our critters are rescues. But physically it’s difficult. I’ve have the BEST animal carers - again, paying a fair and dignified wage.

I’d love to build ecological friendly and cheap to run housing that is pleasant to live in and attractive for social housing. I used to childishly doodle my dream house and it would be lovely- but more and more I think if I had recourses I’d want to provide for people for whom home was just a dream.

I know DH would love to do his work part time but unpaid for benefit of others if we had a lottery win .

I think it’s fascinating how our wants change. As a younger woman I would definitely have thought a ‘big money win or bequeathal’ would be put into property investments- homes in the places we revisited often. Now I think that’s just a hindrance and I’d rather stay in hotels but invest in other people’s future - knowing the return wouldn’t be financial. But if I were comfortable and my home secure - what more do I need really?


I have been so busy surviving that I haven't given it much thought. I suppose I would want men taught to effectively cope with anger as well as teaching and modeling healthy relationships for those in jr.high school or above.

I like the idea of working with animals to facilitate healing. I would buy a lot of land and declare it nature sanctuary.

I think i I would want a big house with two things; a home Cinema and a heated swimming pool. I wouldn't mind having a dependable form of transportation as well.

And if there were nothing to stop me I would pay for everyone's physical and mental health care. I would legalize cannabis as a medicine world wide. I would form recovery houses in every city for those addicted to any substance or behavior. However I would totally outlaw cigarette smoking.

I would want everyone to have access to self defense classes and non lethal weapons. But I think above all things I would want to teach men to value children, women, and themselves.

I know that I am idealistic but we have all we need to create world peace and de-escalate the decline of human civilization.

This represents part of my vision for healing and I suppose that is the one central issue I wish to promote.