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If PTSD was the game of life what would your card/space say right now?

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If PTSD were a game similar to LIFE, what would your card/space say right now?

For instance in Life you can “Have a ski accident pay $5000”

For me it would be something like:
Insurance changes, decide if your going to quit therapy, pay out of pocket, find someone else or refine your suicide plan.

Flashback occurs and you still go to work, collect $500.

All in fun, let’s see how it goes.
Receive Jury Notice, last time this happened they took you to a small room with the judge, and both attorneys and their aides and asked what crime occurred that made you raise your hand that you were a victim of, (CSA) when all they get is a blank stare they excuse you, you spend the weekend in everything is triggering mode. Did I mention it was the same courtroom? Go back 3 spaces
Ride the Rollercoaster.

Stay on this square until you can spin the exact number needed to advance. Exceeding the exact number needed resets you to zero, and grants 1 extra spin.

(Whichever player is designated “the bank” shall choose a number based on any criteria that pops into their head, and shall not disclose to you what that number is, but may inform other players. Especially if they are generally untrustworthy, forget things easily, or simply wish to share in the fun as you attempt to hit a target you cannot see. If you are the bank? Give the player to your right all of your money, and the player to your left shall choose an arbitrary number, that they will also not disclose to you. It is considered bad form to select a number greater than 42, but it is also not against the rules to do so. Have fun watching everyone else advance! You may use your “emergency medicine” cards, if you have any, as extra spins in an attempt to shorten your time on this square. It may or may not help you.)
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