If the trauma is caused from someone I love



Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if it’s allowed to post this kind of question here. But I’ve recently realized that maybe I have a lighter degree of trauma that is actually caused by my partner. When dealing with this kind of situation, should I talk to her about this?

Let me give a little bit more context. Her way of communication can easily hurt me even if I know she’s trying to help me or give me proper advices. When I realize this might be the reason for my brain to identify it and function a traumatized reaction, I’m really frustrated because I know she’s full of good intentions, and feel myself is so useless to not taking a better response but lose control. Soon after I realize this might be it, I even had a nightmare that she kills her family and threatened to kill me too.......what a depressing nightmare...

I’m just wondering, should I talk to her and try to solve this together, or do I actually need to see a therapist? I’ve never seen a therapist before.

Thank you.