If You Have A Bad Week With Depression Occasionally, Does That Mean You Aren't Over Past Trauma?

Back in 2002, I was set up with a new psychotherapist at a local community mental health center.

Before I saw this therapist, I had been in both individual and group therapy for quite some time. And I felt that I had made a lot of progress in getting over past trauma that I had experienced years before, in part, because of the therapy I had received.

However, a few weeks prior to seeing this new counselor for the first time, I had a bad week. I felt depressed for about a week before the depression lifted again.

So I talked to this therapist about the bad week that I had not long beforehand.

I asked her that since I had a bad week, did that mean that I was not over my past trauma?

She told me that it's common for trauma survivors with clinical depression who have been in treatment for a long time, have gotten a lot better, and have moved on from the trauma to have a bad week occasionally. She then said that I was probably over it.

So, according to this therapist, if you have depression issues and also have been through trauma in your past, having a bad week every so often doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't over the trauma. You may very well be over it.


PTSD and depression are both illnesses that are considered to go into remission, rather than being something you get over and it's completely done.

Some people recover from ptsd, or a depressive episode and never hear from them again. PTSD with all its symptoms can have a nasty habit of recurring, particularly if you experience another trauma.

Mood disorders in particular? Very often stay with a person for life. Any individual's own mood pattern over time will have ups and downs, and some of those downs may be longer and deeper than others.


I feel like honestly everyone has bad weeks here and there, it just depends on the severity! I was doing pretty well for a while and have had some life changes push me back into depression and PTSD symptoms.