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Illness creating more illness

Discussion in 'Medical' started by IAB, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. IAB

    IAB New Member

    I have complex PTSD (childhood, neglect, addiction, abandonment, mistreatment by authorities etc) but also several physical illnesses. Ive had epilepsy for 10 years but recently had neurosurgery (2 months ago) and haven't had seizures since. The problem is because I've had all these serious problems I haven't sorted out the minor problems - like fungal infections on my feet or thrush. This means that now they are harder to treat, have become ingrained and are causing more problems.

    I'm just feeling like one problem finishes another begins and I will never be free of them. How on earth do I carry on fighting these problems? They just seem insurmountable! And does anyone else feel how I feel?
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  3. WhiteHatGirl

    WhiteHatGirl Active Member

    I was thinking you were referring to things like anxiety causing stomach issues, etc..or Fibro from stress?
    Fungal infection in feet. Have you tried rubbing 1/2 water and 1/2 lemon juice on them liberally each night and see if it starts to go away?
  4. MrMoonlight

    MrMoonlight I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    I can relate..30 years ago I was the picture of health. I was a rock climber, hiker, boxer..etc. After my physical/mental crash my health deteriorated at a faster rate than one would expect from the typical aging process. My psychiatrist said without a doubt some of my issues could have been caused or pushed into play by PTSD. Diabetes, bell's palsy, thyroid problem, pneumonia, chronic migraine, tendonitis, chronic fatigue, arthritis, carpal tunnel...etc.

    I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly but I think cortisol roll to play.?
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  5. Xena

    Xena Well-Known Member

    Hi @IAB... I think your overwhelmed... And rightly so... These things fungal infections and thrush can be treated and fixed.... Don't beat yourself up... Take one issue at a time...you will feel so much better..... You got this..... Hugs
  6. IAB

    IAB New Member

    Thanks I know - everyone says - you've been through so much you must be so strong- but then something smaller comes along and you feel like you have no idea how you'll deal with it. It's as though every problem feels as challenging as your largest problem, no matter how small.

    And because you've been through so much you think- I need a break please stop happening!

    Any tips on what to do when feeling overwhelmed? I'm currently feeling like I wish I was a child and someone else could just deal with everything for me.

    It's not actually Thrush I think- the doctors are telling me it's thrush but I have all the symptoms of bladder problems- but the urine samples came back clear and I feel the longer I leave it the worst its getting but I don't have the energy to fight for second opinions etc

    Mr Moonlight how do you keep positive through all of your health issues?
  7. The Albatross

    The Albatross Product of decisions rather than circumstances Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    In my own case, it was more like peeling an onion one layer at a time... and my quite a lot health issues had some very core problems underneath.
  8. Xena

    Xena Well-Known Member

    Hi @IAB when I get feelings of being overwhelmed... I have a f*ck it day.... Which can be whatever you want it to be... Eating loads of ice cream... Going to the woods and screaming your pain away....anything that makes you feel better... Once I've done that I tackle one problem at a time.... We all need days to ourselves...hugs....
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