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I'm close to admitting myself to hospital

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I feel so unhappy more than i feel happy. i am tired of it. i wake feeling low.
If i am not crying then i am welling up. I so want to get better but it just does not seem there is no improvement. I have lost all interest in hobbies, i might try but then give up. I have no quality of life at all. I feel angry, tearfull, frustrated. I'm getting very close to admitting my self to the hospital as i feel i am going to lose contol any time now. I feel like running away, i have nowhere to go but i just dont care anymore. i hate everything. please no one get concerned as i am not going to do anything stupid. i just feel in despair. I carry so much on my shoulders, presure daily, struggling with my teenage daughter who has her own problems. although i live on auto, i feel my auto is running out.
I understand...

:crazy-eye I have been very depressed at times....same thing...didn't feel like anything was going to get better....no interest in hobbies....overwhelmed...If this has been going on for awhile which it sounds like....turn yourself in...I know that you are concerned about your daughter...but you have to take care of yourself....as much as you are suffering[ boy..I sure hate that suffering that goes on and on!!! ] you can best help your daughter by getting help for yourself....you would also be showing her that it's ok to get help in such circumstances...remember...we are here for you now and will be here for you when you get home...It's only been less than a week since I've been home from a hospital stay....It sure HELPED me!!!!!! :biggrin: In the past I've used all sorts of excuses for not getting help in a hospital setting and all I did was suffer and suffer....NOT HELPFUL!!!....I just said a prayer for you and your daughter and that both of you will receive the help you need....wildfirewildone

I dont know if this would help anyone else but it does me. I have a time limit on being depressed......no more than 24 hours. And no roll over minutes. I make myself do something, if only thing to accomplish each day besides going to work. I usually overhwelm myself with a list of things i plan on getting done after work and when i get home. There is way too much for me to stress out about...I can stress out over trying to feel better. Accepting how I feel...saying it out loud and perhaps vetning it somehwhere like this forum so someone hears me always helps. a friend suggested to me quite a few years ago when I was in a depression to accept that fact I feel like crap. I thought it the stupidest thing i ever heard of but when i said it outloud, then to another person, I felt better! Not all the way better but I got up and moving. I am one to dread the mountain in front of me...when that mountain isnt reqiring me to climb it all in one day.

Right now you need to concentrate on getting yourself better.
When you are running on "auto" (as many of us do) you aren't dealing with the things that are bothering you... therefor you aren't going to get better.

The only was to get past PTSD and/or depression (which I'm assuming you are experiencing right now) is to get help,
get yourself better,
so that you have the strength and energy to tackle the inner demons.

If a hospital stay is going to make you better,
do it!
why would you deny yourself something that would help you?

You sound like an intelligent individual,
I believe you have the strength to overcome this,
please don't reject help,
(don't let your pride or whatever stop you)

At the very least, make sure you are telling your main doctor (family doctor?)
how you are feeling, and the fear of crashing.
Doctors are there to help you, and a good doctor will take immediate action to get you admitted or whatever you need.

And remember we're here to listen
You can always vent or tell us whats going on

Take care of yourself :)
Rachealjane said:
I carry so much on my shoulders, presure daily, struggling with my teenage daughter who has her own problems.

And then.... PTSD. Racheal, all normal in regard to PTSD. You answered your own question though.... in bold from your quote. Get it out of you, off your shoulders, and then see what happens.
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