Im going to try to hang on!


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I cant seem to grasp anything , I know what alot of you are saying , i get it when you see a therapist you learn the lingo, but I dont give two about the lingo or jargon , this is why i dont / wont go see anyone, I dont want hear fancy terms , or shit you read in psychology journals , I want answers , I know many in here will exact the same thing apon me " we cant help you if we dont understand what you want" I get it , I cant relay to you or anyone else the feeling i have which is basically f*ck it , i have zero motivation , im awesome at making other people feel great , but im terrible at making me feel great , and theres nothing i can do or anyone else , im not doing the "medication" thing , we'll have you take this to balance out that , which ultimately leaves something else out of whack, nope i did that in the past , that 3 years i lost , 3 years i cant remember , no , drugs arent the answer, anyway , without boring you all anymore, ill try to stay active here , but who knows , im a traveler , i go here i go there , i go nowhere , thats where im headed anyway


A good therapist will generally help you navigate finding your own answers and one of the last things you said is that your going nowhere.

So, how do you spend your average day? What do you do? Think about?


in my own healing journey, how other people say ^it^ isn't anywhere near as important as finding my own words for ^it^. healing is an inside job and the dialect spoken between my ears is the only one that really matters.

glad you are going to try to hang on here, dug. gentle support while you find your own healing path.


Hoping maybe you can find someone who isn't all about the jargon. They do exist, but they are rare. I can't do all the medical/psychology stuff anymore, either; after awhile, all it is is formulaic bullshit. It only means something to the people who are spewing it.

Sorry you are struggling, too. Do you have a passion for anything at all? Does anything bring you even a bit of peace?


My therapist uses zero jargon. We talk. We do EMDR when I'm not overwhelmed. He asks questions that guide me and help me deal with stuff. When I walk in and having a bad day, week, month, whatever, he doesn't do anything except help me get a little calmer. I love that he says we aren't trying to go from here to way out there (huge steps of progress). Instead we are only working on taking a very small step. He is a trauma trained therapist, and he's excellent. I was very lucky to find him. If your current therapist is not a good fit, then I suggest that you look around. Your relationship and ability to connect and talk (feel vulnerable safely) with your therapist is the primary thing that helps you succeed. I still struggle with opening up and I've been with this therapist 2 years. But he knows that and he knows how to work with that. He is gentle and always aware of my triggers and "issues"