I'm starting EMDR soon but does talking about trama in more depth make your body feel like it has a fever after?


I been in and out on this site. Me and my T was going over my trama in more depth since she need to pin point we're the patters for my EMDR. Just talking about part of the tramas I went through took a toll on my body. I feel like I have a fever and my head hurts. I tried some of the grounding tools which helped a little.
Maybe like 10-15 minutes after I was done with my my time I felt so tired. I still do and it's been a few hours now. My brain is wide awake but my body, head neck is in pain and I feel nauseated.
Has anyone felt this while in therapy or during a treatment before? It just doesn't seem normal but it does at the same time


I haven't done EMDR , but sometimes before therapy my body shuts down and all I want to do is sleep. And then the next day, I am usually in some sort of state.
.what I think is really good is that you can feel your body and you are aware your body is giving you messages. Not the feelings or messages you wanted but you're aware of them.
Something to take to your T and explore?