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I have had this sensation since 2 years. That something happens around my head/mouth. Its an annoying feeling but I dont panic. I associate as an sexual act even though at first I didnt experience it like that - just like an invisible image infront of my face I wanted to get rid of. Its annoying in the same way as like a fly flying around you. Lately this experience has changed shape and I do really experience that I have something in my mouth and I want to take that thing/thought away. It happens many times during the day and especially when Im not busy with other thoughts. Someone know what this is? It doesnt feel like a flashback since I dont feel much. Its not like a memory or thought. Its to close physically but still its invisible. Am I making this up?
My guess is a body memory. I sometimes get phantom pressure on my neck or pressure on or around my shoulders. I’ve had tastes in my mouth. Smells that won’t go away. I might spend all day with this gross man smell stuck up in my nose and just pray it will go away.


Yes it sounds like a body memory. I've had things like that and sometimes the memory surfaces and sometimes it doesn't. I guess I've just learned to deal with the feelings associated with the memories.

It is an annoying feeling that we can't quite understand and like the explanation of a 'fly buzzing' around. That is what it feels like.

If you are in Therapy hope you talk with your T about it.


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Thanks for your answers. ❤ The only thing that confuse me is that I dont feel anxious or scared. They just annoy me. Feel like I dont want to share it with my T in case its sign of some other mental illness. Like that Im on my way to be schizofrenic If this is a memory and not an invented thought that got stuck in my head, shoudnt I also feel panic and high puls when it comes? Im studying at the university but I have, which I had my whole life, real problems with concentration. Today I feel completely exhausted and it feels like its a block inbetween what Im reading and my understanding of it. Is this related you think?


I couldn't honestly say what the connection is. But I will encourage you to talk with your T about all of this. They can't help us if they don't know what is going on.

And try not to project what your T will do or not do. You won't know unless you share with them.

How long have you been in therapy if you don't mind me asking?
It could also be a somatic flashback. Not all flashbacks are visual or emotional. Some flashbacks are somatic or manifest as physical sensations re-occuring at unexpected times usually as a result of a trigger.
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