In need of support and company



I have been having emotional flashbacks for the last week. I have been experiencing derealization and depersonalization. I want to curl in a ball and scream and growl and cry. And I can’t. I just need a support group I’m not sure where to turn.


We are here for you. I can relate in that when I need support there is none because all my usual groups are closed down and gone virtual. When I get in flashback mode I have to go do something that I’ve used in the past to pull me out a bit or redirect the thinking. Sometimes I paint or draw and just do that and see whatever comes out. I could write, but I think it would bring more flashbacks. I prefer to draw. I also saw an article in our local newspaper yesterday talking about the crisis line they have at the hospital and the increase they’ve seen in its use during the pandemic. I wish I could call it, but anxiety about doing something new overwhelms me. At least I can absorb that there is help out there and a lot of people are accessing that particular help line. So in a way I feel a bit more human, knowing others need help too, just for different reasons.