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In The News - Higher Rates of PTSD in Reservists

Discussion in 'General' started by madjon, May 16, 2006.

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  1. madjon

    madjon Active Member

    in the news the mod carried out a comparison study between regular troops and reserve or Territorial Army troops who are called up from a part time reserve force, with the situation in the past few years it has been easier to call up reserves and part time TA soldiers thane expand the regulars, so with less training and being deployed outside their units sthen dumped straight back down in their jobs in civvy street again with no support it has been found that ptsd is affecting more people, then they had a big debate over who foots the bill and has responsibility to help them etc, more people fighting= more ptsd cases seems simple enough to me, heres a link to a news article. looks like this study may make its way to other places as evidence at some point, probably to stuff people over, will see what turns up.

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  3. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    It kind off makes me laugh that no military within any country seems to have this worked out yet, considering this has been a problem since WWI, and Vietnam really hit this point home, as most of the soldiers where conscripted in some manner with little full-time activity vs. part-time.

    What makes me laugh even more, is this lack of thinking from military professionals:
    In that what exactly do they think they will gain from this type of questionaire? People with PTSD or mental illness generally wouldn't be able to acknowledge the symptoms themselves without generally being told by others that something is wrong. How many people here with PTSD just said, "oh, I think I might have PTSD from reading about it?" Not many! I was given all these type things after returning from each deployment, and I did the usual soldier thing, tick each box that I know they want to hear, because if I tick anything different, either a: I would be questioned, counselled, affect my career or discharged, b: I wouldn't really know if I was hyper anxious, depressed, socially withdrawn, etc etc at that point.

    How many of us with PTSD generally find out we have it after severe trouble in life, relationships, employment, etc before someone actually says, "hey, I think you might have PTSD!" Basically, it just drills home to me that the military is still none the wiser about how to fix these issues at the root of the problem, and if anything, these actions merely portray their ignorance by using more reservists so they can lose the after affects once returned home, by the soldiers going back to their normal civilian life. It really just continues to re-establish the thought of use and abuse!
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