Childhood Incest, mother/son


Hi I need to say this, and something big finally happened in therapy. It's ten years later since I first started trauma therapy. I had some intuitive instincts this was going on, but I couldn't actually remember anything so I told myself like there's no proof. Look in the mirror. I've been hinting around all my life at it. I know what I've been writing and how I've been thinking. I'm telling myself I'm just being dramatic as usual. I'll have lots more to say, I've been writing a lot already leading up to this. IDK what I'll say here publicly or in my diary? But I wanted to say this here. Being able to write here and having the interchanges I've had with some of the people here have helped me along the way so much. I'm not terribly upset. I just did my weekly phone therapy. It'll be ok, but that's not to say easy.