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Childhood Infertility & Child Sex Abuse

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Although I know it is not logical, for years I believed that my infertility was 'punishment' for being a bad child. Even though I had congenital abnormalities that caused the infertility I still, until recently could not get it out of my head that it was MY FAULT. I know child abuse is all mixed up with guilt & shame in the victim, and I think I have left that behind now.

I just wondered if anyone else has shared that experience, and how they coped with it?

Incidently I had surgery and fertility treatment with no success. I married a man with three sons, and so have a wonderful step-family and grandchildren instead

Lucy x
This is exactly how I feel at this moment in time, and am having a hard time to believe it is not my fault for having been abused that I have trouble down there.
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