Injuring In Your Sleep

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I'm so sorry to read this :( :( :( I get night terrors but I have the kind where I get paralyzed so I feel like I'm thrashing around and screaming but I'm not. I've seen videos of what you all are describing and my heart goes out to you. It must be horrible to wake to such physical trauma. I've read quite a bit about it and yes, you can lose conscious memory of them happening and have fear of going to sleep, as I have had quite a bit in the past.

I try to keep from going into the deep REM sleep and abort night terrors, that seems to help, also having an actual night light was a help. I read that on a study but everyone is different on how deep they go into them, especially if they haven't had sleep in a long time.



I do it, It is better now but when I was younger I had lots of bruises and my bedsheets was all ripped..and my teddys. Some nights I even walked in my sleep ripping my sisters pillows. The worst time was the night I wake ut with a knife to my wrist, that was when I was about 12-13 years old. First then I became realy afraid for sleeping. Most of the time now days I just mumble, talk or scream, tossing, sometimes I'm sitting i my bed. I still get bruises and ripp sheets and pillows..but not as often. My partner often notice when I begin and wake me up, calm me down "It's just a dream" . For me it's not just a dream, but his words works for me.

I also is diagnosed with carpal tunel I twist my hands and wrists. I still manage to do it even if I have a splint. at least I still wake up with a numb almost paralyzed lower arm and hand.

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Jestadud, stop being an ASS!

I had my six month checkup with my sleep dr and she told me it's a type of Parasomnia. I'm to keep a journal of when I notice the injuries and possible stressors.



I've been doing this for over a year. Often when i wae up thinking i had a great night sleep are the nights I wake up with the most burises. Its expected under the circumstances.
I've dealt with these night injury issues. I mostly wake up to having scratched myself raw on my belly, sides and back. This tends to happen during times when I'm more stressed out. I do have tendencies toward skin picking and self-injury in the day time.
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