Inner child/parts work evolution


Has your inner child/parts work evolved over time?

I am curious because the inner children I've identified so far are starting to shift in what they represent. At first they were individuals, now they feel like encompass full areas of trauma. For example;

My 3 year old was just that, a 3 year old desperately missing his father. Now he feels like abandonment as a whole.

My 7 year old feels like attention seeking behavior.

10 is shame.

14 is suicide.

And today in therapy I met another child who feels like "no good options". He is terrified of being beaten so he doesn't leave his room. So scared that he pees in the closet. Next day he's found out and is beaten anyway. This child doesn't have an age.

Where these kids once represented specific moments in my past they are now representing all similar experiences. I've been labeling my therapy inner child work but we talk about parts a lot. It seems there's an organic evolution happening for me and they are blending together?

Anyone else have this experience or any input?