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Insert Swearish Rant Here


This is a venting thread. While polite conversation will not be frowned upon -although possibly told to go f*ck itself with a cactus- abject swearing, dire curses, and anatomical improbabilities are the orders of the day. No plot necessary, or explanations required.

Keep your invectives inline, people. Personal attacks on other members are never allowed, here or elsewhere in the forum. Aside from that; Let 'er rip!
Dear narcissistic boss:

A question is not attitude. Attitude, is all the things I don't say to you.

Your latest escapade, giving me shit because I can't just take on an extra 37 (A full time work week is 37, not 40. Where I work No one knows why.) hours work onto my shoulders. To cover the other full time guy who retired. This was also a full month ago. Yet you still haven't f*cking hired anyone.

Wonder why that was... Hmm let me think....
Ah, I remember now. It's because you gave position to your assistant. The one who actually does your job, while you sit on your worthless f*cking ass, making stupid f*cking clip-art stuffed ,brightly coloured memos. That nobody reads, except to laugh at your horrible grammar. Like that move your car or we tow it memo. Why the f*ck did you make it coloured and clip-artsy. IT'S A TOW AWAY NOTICE YOU STUPID GIT!! What did it read?
"The following parking lot belongs to (Comany name). Move your car."

THE FOLLOWING PARKING LOT? What the f*ck? How does a parking lot follow someone? How was it that this memo was your 4TH DRAFT, yet you still cocked up? How did you justify spending an hour making a memo with one f*cking sentence? How much toner are you wasting, with your daily arts an crafts bullocks?
(The boss was born and raised in an english speaking part of Canada. There is no excuse for him to be that unable to form a coherent sentence.)

Oh yeah, and your lovely assistant. She f*cking hates your guts too. If she wasn't a single mum with a special needs child, she'd have told you to go f*ck yourself long ago. The way you dangle her job security over her head. Makes you an enormous piece of shit.

f*cking tosser.

Oh, and stop marking every email you send as "high importace". Nothing you have to say is important in any way.The credibility boat sailed away, struck a sea mine, sank and went boom, long ago.

That felt good.
I like this thread.