Insert Swearish Rant Here


f*cking gas and electricity company driving me round the f*cking bend. Stupid f*cking c*nts. Here, just take all my f*cking money every month for no reason. Mental, crazy motherf*ckers.

f*ck you c*nts. 😡🤬🥵😤


So f'ing angry. Just because I'm a f'ing teacher at the same school my kid goes to, doesn't mean I don't have any f'ing parental rights!
Just f'ing ignore me and don't talk to me about my f'ing child, whether you are the f'ing class teacher or principal.
It's f'ing sh*thouse and ridiculous and I've f'ing had enough!


Total f*cking c*nt of a day.
Hate f*cking work. Hate my f*cking colleagues. Hate my f*cking life.
f*cks sake.
Today can f*cking do one.

I'm so with you on that one! My boss is a d1ckhead and avoids any responsibility even though they're getting paid the big $ and most of my colleagues are stupid gossiping wh0res. 🤬
Friend once told me I was in Top 5 or 10 people, can't remember, as I had said they were for me, but turns out am not even in Top 25. And they don't even afford me the dignity of a response. After 16 years. It reminds me of Bernie Siegel saying words words words swordswordswordswords. I always have tried to treat everyone with dignity. Thanks heaps for once again showing me I am worthless. He stopped short of telling me he wishes I was dead, like my family has, so I guess there's that. At least he didn't to my face. I'll assume it, going by past precedent.

ETA, not top 25, not within top 100, 4 groups of 25. Wow. 🥀


I'm sick to f'ing death of my mother in-law atm. I've been off work with f'ing reactive arthritis and also dealing with a f'ckload more flashbacks and she is constantly f'ing unsubtly dropping hints about me returning to work. Like it's on her f'ing timeframe and like she f'ing knows what's best. Last night I was in so much f'ing pain I could barely walk, but oh sure, I'll go back to work next year and teach 30 7 year olds all day. Sounds real f'ing achievable. F'ck. I get that she cares about my hubby and she worries about the pressure it puts on him when I'm not f'ing working but it's not like I have a f'ing choice, now is it? It's not like I said "Oh after a decade of doing okay, what would be sweet is a bunch of new f'ing flashbacks and ongoing illnesses that I can't shake".
For f'cks sake. I am so sick of people who think they 'know best' when they've got no f'ing idea of the reality I deal with day in day out. My shrink has told me that considering the amount of trauma I've suffered that's it's amazing I function at all and I should be proud, but oh no, my mother in-law just knows f'ing best. Well she can f'ck off.
I am so f*cking sick of the self entitled little sh*ts that live above me. All day I've had to put up with their music blasting at me until they finally f*cked off out and now they decided to come home at 2.30am stomping up the stairs and generally making enough noise to wake the f*cking dead!

I can't complain because they rent from aunty so there's no contact info for their landlord, and this is after they decided to put a note on their door telling everyone to leave any parcels for them at MY home without even asking me!!

Just who the f*ck do they think they are!?


HR department:
I was supposed to have access to the building that I work in last August. I still don’t have access and VICKY still hasn’t sent one email. Not one fking email. She’s given access to other people. What tf did I do to you Vicky.

My neurotic boss:
I swear to fking god. You are a piece of fking work. Go ahead and keep living in your very own special version of reality, but for the love of god quit trying to fking define mine. You are often so miserable to work with.